The Analog Bundle for Ableton Live


The AfroDJMac Analog Bundle for Ableton Live features hundreds of instruments created from analog synths and analog reel to reel tape recordings. Warm up your productions with some unique character you won't find anywhere else! The package includes: -The Armageddon Pack Korg Poly800 -Poly800 Teaser -The Juno 106 Pack -The Big Phatty Pack -The Phatty Glitch Drums Pack -The Super Tape Drums Pack -The Alpha Juno 2 Pack -The AfroDJMac Mega Brute Collection It's a bundle of 8 excellent products at a super discount, available only for a limited time!

This offer contains:

-AfroDJMac Juno 106 Project
-AfroDJMac Big Phatty Pack Project!
-AfroVoltPack 1- Phatty Glitch Drums
-AfroDJMac Super Tape Drums Project
-Alpha Juno 2 Project
-AfroDJMac MegaBrute Collection
-Armageddon Pack
-Poly800 Teaser Project

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